Our Policies

The Automated price quote is for Food Only. The Website calculates the estimated count of boxes. Shipping estimates will be final once box count is confirmed and the order is physically packed. Customer agrees to pay the difference if the box count is higher than estimated. Batya's Kitchen will issue a refund if the box count is lower than estimated.

Your Pesach order is confirmed once it has been submitted, and you have received an automated order number by email.

A 50% escrow deposit is required. Your remaining 50% balance will be automatically charged on Feb 28th or thereafter. Full Payment is required for orders placed after Feb 28th.

We have a zero cancellation policy. If there are extreme circumstances we will need to involve Daas Torah and there will be a $150 restocking fee if the order has been packed.

As of Feb 28, no changes can be made to your order.

If your order is headed to Orlando, your reservation on the truck will only be confirmed until the deposit is received. Space is limited.

Batya's Kitchen cannot be responsible for travelers coming in from outside the U.S. and their various potential restrictions. That includes, but not limited to, Border & Customs Restrictions, Quarantine Requirement and other restrictions. Please note if you are traveling from outside into the U.S. your order cannot be cancelled.

If your order has not been packed yet and you would like to split your order, a $150 split fee will be applied. Shipping and handling fees will be recalculated per location. If this Split was made before Feb 20th and it is within your 48 hours grace period of amendment, there will be no additional split fee, shipping fees will be recalculated.

Once an order is completed and packed, and the customer would like for Batya's Kitchen to split the order and reroute it up to two different locations, Batya's Kitchen will require a $350 splitting fee and the shipping fees will be recalculated.

If this order is a gift and you find out your recipient will not be home to receive their order before Pesach, for whatever reason, it will be the responsibility of the gift giver to arrange the delivery to another location.

I agree to have my freezer ready for my Pesach delivery AT LEAST 2 weeks before Pesach. If this is a gift, I agree to let the recipient know to have their freezer ready for delivery. We will try our best to accommodate any special requests if received before March 15, 2023. After March 22, Batya's Kitchen will inform recipient their delivery 8 hour window time based on our route/schedule. We will not be able to store any orders passed March 22 once they are completed. Batya's Kitchen agrees to store any orders that need to be delivered to a Vacation Rental.

The week of Pesach, Monday is the last Fedex Shipping day before Pesach. In general, on a regular week, we do not ship Fedex past Wednesday to eliminate any unwarranted situations before Shabbos. Batya's Kitchen is not responsible if Customer chooses to ship their order on a Thursday to arrive Friday, before Shabbos.

Customer is responsible to check their order for any errors upon arrival. Batya's Kitchen will not be responsible for any errors after 24 hours upon receipt. No exceptions.

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